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Outrigger Royal Sea Cliff

Outrigger Royal Sea Cliff is a 3 star hotel
75 6040 ALII DRIVE
Kailua, HI  96740

Outrigger Royal Sea, Kailua Overview

Welcome to the Outrigger Royal Sea hotel in wonderful Kailua, Hawaii. A 3.0 star property, Outrigger Royal Sea has 154 rooms and is conveniently located for business or pleasure at 75 6040 Alii Drive.

The Outrigger Royal Sea Cliff offers twenty different room types ranging from the 1 Bedroom Garden View to the Two Bedroom Ocean View. 1 King And 1 Queen Or - 1 Queen And 2 Twins W/ Sofa Bed. Max 6 Ppl. Retail Simple Saver R.

Amenities and features at this hotel include Voice mail, Non-smoking rooms, Iron/ironing board, Internet access - dial-up and In-room safe as well as Hair dryer, Full Kitchen va and Free Parking va.

Check-in time for this property is 3 PM and Check-out time is 12 PM although some hotels might allow you to check-in to your room early if there is a fresh room available earlier in the day. Depending upon how busy the property is the day of your check-out, you might be able to ask for a late check-out one or two hours past normal check-out time if you call early.

Nearby attractions include Lowe's Stores, CO-OP Network, Free WiFi Hotspots and Park and for your dining pleasure, there are five restaurants within 2 miles of this property including Kentucky Fried Chicken and Denny's as well as Wendy's and Subway.

Other Hotels Near Outrigger Royal Sea include Castle Kona Reef, Kona Bali Kai, King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel, Uncle Billy's Kona Bay Hotel, Kona Seaside Hotel
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